ZeroWire Security system

If you are looking for a security system to combines the ease of home automation and the protection of video survallence, look no further than ZeroWire. This revolutionary security system will help you save time on mundane tasks like turning off the lights in your house, with multi-function operations and remote app control. You’ll love how easy this system is to use.


ZeroWire easy to install


Installation of ZeroWire is simple and requires only a short amount of time. With this system you’ll never have to worry about unnecessary spending on installation or repairs. Programming and software updates can all be done remotely, meaning that you’ll save money and time. Additionally, because of the sleek design of ZeroWire, its wireless panel can be placed virtually anywhere. That means that you’ll no longer have to deal with unsightly alarm systems placed as the first thing you see when walking into the home. This wireless panel could be placed in a closet, utility room, office, or even pantry.

With this system you’ll receive up to 64 sensors, 256 users, and 20 keyfobs. This powerful system is a great choice for families and businesses alike.


ZeroWire home automation


Enjoy the stress-free lifestyle of home automation. Utilizing z-wave technology, we can connect your whole home to your new security system. That means that many of your home’s perviously tedious functions can all be connected to ZeroWire’s control keypad and app. You’ll be able to turn off the lighting, adjust the temperature, and lock the doors with a tap of your finger, all from one place.

Controlling the ZeroWire system is easy.¬†Have complete control of your new security system with the help of UltraSync app. Using your smartphone, tablet, or web-enabled device you’ll have¬†access to all the functions of your security system. This all-in-one software is free for both iOS and Android devices. Here’s a short list of the many functions you’ll have control over with UltraSync:

  • Arm/ disarm your system
  • See sensor status
  • View live/ recorded video
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Adjust thermostat
  • Add/ remove users
  • Update profiles
  • Create temporary users
  • View system history

ZeroWire UltraSync AppAlways stay in the know of who is entering and leaving your property with ZeroWire’s app. This is the perfect solution for a working parent wanting to make sure the kids got home safely after school, or a busy business owner wanting to check-in on their employees. Even create temporary users for neighbors watering your plants or feeding the pets while you are out of town.

This system is completely customizable, allowing you to create the setup that best fits your needs.

Add on heat and Carbon Monoxide sensors to your system for immediate notifications in case of an emergency. With these special sensors, your system will monitor for smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide levels within your property. You’ll be able to choose between the wired or wireless sensors for the best fit. Each of these sensors is easy to install and operate.

Adding access control to your system can help you control where employees and family members are going in the house. This a great option is you are planning to travel and would like to give a pet-sitter or neighbor temporary access to your home. Working with the UltrSync app you’ll be able to create new and temporary users even when you’re not at home, right from your web-enabled device.

Video functionality can help you ensure the safety of your home at all times and bring your security to a whole other level. Ask one of our ZeroWire specialists about this feature for even more information.

Get started using the ZeroWire system today. Click here for a free consultation with our experienced staff. Serving you in the best way is our number one goal.