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Protect your home or business from dangerous fires with the Silent Knight alarm system. As a valued customer of Security First Alarm, we’ll manage all parts of your new fire alarm system in Rexburg. From design, monitoring, repair, installation, service, and testing- we’ll manage all parts of your system.

Communicate important information with ease. When disasters strike, the Silent Knight system will relay your type of emergency and location, in real time, to a dispatch station. The Silent Knight fire alarm crosses the traditional industry boundaries by integrating such products as fire detection, voice evacuation, remote PC programming and digital communications of system events.


Silent Knight Fire Alarm

Everything You Need To Stay Safe:

Silent Knight by Honeywell comes with everything you’ll need to protect your business or home against fire, including: smoke detectors, heat detectors, modules, and pull stations. Plus, it can grow with your business, allowing you to add on additional detectors and alarms. Never pay for more than you need, only add on when you need to, later.


Relay Instructions:

Always stay up to date on state and national codes with the Silent Knight system. This popular choice for business owners can protect the people and products that are important to you. Easily program the system to relay specific directions, including: emergency plans. This feature works well for apartment building tenants, employees, students, and even customers. No matter the situation, everyone will know where to go and how to stay safe. Additionally, many insurance companies decrease insurance rates for clients with a fire alarm system and/or evacuation plan in place.

Silent Knight Fire System


Here at Security First Alarm, we provide you with all the solutions you will need. Gain accurate information about your facilities from the Silent Knight system, and place fewer service calls, and lower your maintenance cost. That’s a win-win for everyone!

Places We’ve Installed Silent Knight Systems:

  • Educational facilities
  • Church buildings
  • Commercial complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Residential buildings


silent knight security system

Choose The Right System For You: 

  • IntelliKnight 5600: This system contains both addressable and conventional features in its communicator system and control. It’s a great choice for small applications and requires no programming tools for the basic panel operation. A built-in digital communicator and dialer are included in this system, and it will support Honeywell Fire Systems and SK device counterpart detectors. A remote annunicator can be attached to meet your unique needs. Single and dual-action pull stations,n photoelectric smoke detector, fixed temperature thermal detectors, mimi monitor modules, and addressable and relay modules are included.
  • IntelliKnight 5700: This is a 50-100 single loop addressable fire alarm communicator system. Its features include drift compensations, maintenance alerts, and a built-in digital communicator. With this system you can support up to 50 SD devices. A digital communicator and dialer is built-in, it uses a standard wire, and its synchronization allows for multiple notifications to happen at once. With this kit you will receive detectors, modules, remote, annicator, intelligent power modules, remote LED fire annuciator, and a relay interface board.
  • IntelliKnight 5808: This system is a 127-198 single loop addressable fire alarm control and communicator system. Maintenance alerts and digital communication are built-in to distribute intelligent power. This system can support up to 99 Silent Knight detectors and 99 Silent Knight modules. Use any combination of 127 SD devices. Also enjoy, built-in digital communicator and dialer, and built-in synchronization for multiple notification appliance manufactures.  Each intelligent power module is a LED/IO module.
  • IntelliKnight 5820XL: This system is a 127 point, expandable to 792 points, multi-loop addressable fire alarm control and communicator system. 99 Silent Knight detectors and modules are supported, and is expandable to include 396 Silent Knight detectors and modules to create a total capacity of 792 points. With this system you will receive detectors and modules, a remote annunciator to match your decor, intelligent power module, LED/IO modules, and much more.

This amazing system by Honeywell is the ultimate statement of features and flexibility. Are you interested in getting the Silent Knight system for your home or business? Give us a call at (208) 656-5225 or click here. Our trained and certified technicians can answer all your questions. If you decide to move forward, we can provide you with a free estimate and/or consultation. Designing the perfect security plan for your needs and budget is our top priority. From start to finish, you’ll love our superior service, no matter the size of the job.