Honeywell Vista-128FBP


Honeywell Vista128FBP

Honeywell is the largest manufacture of security systems in the world. Their history of excellence and exceptional service are the reasons why we provide their products to our customers. The Honeywell Vista-128FBP is no exception. This security system is one of the most popular choices for business and homeowners alike. To learn about its many amazing features, just keep reading.

Honeywell Vista-128FBP Special Features:

  • 128 zones
  • 150 user codes
  • 512 events log storage
  • Keypad control of system
  • Perimeter protectors
  • Smoke and combustion detectors

Three-fold Protection: Why waste money a many different security systems with different purposes? The Honeywell Vista-128FBP provides a threefold protection against burglary, fire, and other emergencies. This security system can drastically decrease learning curves and simplify your life with an all in one solution.

Honeywell Vista-128FBP


Set Schedule, Think Less: Making your life easier is one of our top priorities. The Honeywell Vista-128FBP comes with the ability for you to set a schedule. That means that your alarm system can automatically be armed and disarmed at certain times of the day. (Perfect for small businesses) Do your hours of operation change with the seasons? Not a problem! Users can modify some of these schedules by manually delaying the close time, using temporary schedules, or even programming special user schedules. Now, there’s a solution for everyone.

Event Memory: Always know what happened at your business, even when you weren’t there, with Honeywell Vista-128FBP’s alarm memory system. When an alarm condition occurs, the keypad will display the location, time, and type of event. This information remains on the system until it is cleared, which means the information is there when you need it.


burglary protection Honeywell Vista-128FBP


Burglary and Fire Protection: The Honeywell Vista-128FBP comes with up to 128 zones of protection. Each zone is given a specific number and a sensor monitors what happens in that area. When an alarm event occurs, the proper alarms go off, and the area of the event is documented, so that you always know what’s going on. If the event is an emergency, emergency personnel  will be notified.

To talk to a trained specialist about the Honeywell Vista-128FBP, click here. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.