FirePro Xtinguish

FirePro XtinguishWhen disaster strikes, be prepared. FirePro Xtinguish can easily suppress any fire an an environmentally friendly way. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to add protection to their home or business.

How It Works In Two Easy Steps:

  1. A fire is detected by the FirePro Xtinguish system.
  2. A chemical chain reacts within the fire, through an aerosol-forming solid compound, stoping the fire quickly without a mess.


fire-lite alarms


Popular Places For FirePro Xtinguish: 

  • Commercial spaces with valuable contents
  • Offices
  • Server rooms
  • Data centers
  • Banks
  • Electrical rooms
  • Archives

FirePro Xtinguish

Environmentally Friendly: 

All non-toxic chemicals are used in the FirePro Xtinguish suppressant system. Because of this, absolutely no ozone depletion or global warming is caused because of dispersal. What’s more, this system is 60 times more effective than CO2. It’s also non-toxic, non-pressured, non-corrosive, and non-conductive.

Save money and protect the environment with Fire Xtinguish.

Because customer service is our number one priority, we provide you with a variety of accessories and packages to choose from.firepro xtinguish Conventional releasing fire alarm control panel

Conventional Releasing Fire Alarm Control Panel: With a single board you can have control over three conventional zones. A release countdown timer is displayed on the main panel and and various releasing valves. Color choices are between red and gray. (UL & CSFM listed, FM approved)Firepro xtinguish status display unit

Status Display Unit: Choose between manual and automatic modes with this system. Display countdown timers are shown before an agent is released. Units come in red or gray. (UL & CSFM listed, FM approved)FirePro Xtinguish Ancillary board

Ancillary Board: This board provides additional normally open contacts by mimicking the outputs of the conventional releasing fire alarm control panel. Seven ancillary boards can be connected to one control panel. (UL & CSFM listed, FM approved)Abort Switch and Disconnect Switch:FirePro Xtinguish Abort and Disconnect Switches

Abort Switch And Disconnect Switch: The abort switch can stop the releasing operation. The disconnect switch is an NFPA compliant physical disconnect solution for the releasing agent. Each of these come with a back box for surfacing mounting and you can choose between red and gray. (UL & CSFM listed, FM approved) FirePro Xtinguish Sequential Activator

Sequential Activator: The sequential activators can activate two aerosol generators. If troublesome conditions occur, a fault LED light will be illuminated. Included with it is a back box for surface mounting.

FirePro Xtinguish Manual Pull Station

Manual Pull Station For Fire Suppression Release: This manual pull station works great if you need to take quick action when fires occur. It is contained in an enclosed switch with a glass rod. (UL & CSFM listed, FM approved)

FirePro Xtinguish Aerosol GeneratorsAerosol Generators: Choose the aerosol generator that will work best for your area from 20 gams, 40 grams, 3000 grams, and 5700 grams.

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