fire-lite alarms

Add security to your commercial property with the Fire-Lite fire alarm system. With a variety of products to choose from you’ll be able to customize the system to fit your property’s needs.

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels : The Fire-Lite control panels are available in a variety of different sizes. Each is easily programed and to meet the business owner’s specific needs. The addressable point identification system allows of NAC synchronization and digital communication.

SWIFT Wireless Fire Alarm System: The SWIFT Wireless Fire Alarm System’s gateway is based out of Salt Lake City, and communicates with the system utilizing mesh technology. This reliable system is a popular choice for business owners.

fire lite system

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels: Conventional fire alarm control panels allow for easy installation, programing, and operation. These control systems can be divided to increase zones, up to ten, to meet local, state, and national requirements.

Emergency Command Center: Large businesses love Fire-Lite’s Emergency Command Center. With this revolutionary system you’ll be able to send mass, multi-zones notifications about fire evacuations. With your Emergency Command Center, you’ll receive: primary operator console, audio amplifiers for distribution, remote telephone zone module, local operator console, remote page unit, remote microphone, and fire-fighter telephone.

The Fire-Lite alarm systems are available with a variety of accessories to meet your unique needs.

  • Communicators: Our communication products are compatible with most fire alarm control panels and are known for their reliability. We offer IP, GSM, or telephone service connectivity to an off-site monitoring facility.
  • Power Supplies: Built-in synchronization, battery back-up, and charging capabilities are available with each of our systems.
  • Releasing Panels:
  • Pull Stations: We offer both conventional and addressable pull stations. Ask our friendly staff for further details.
  • Annuciators: Our annuciators give system status indictors  for AC power, alarm, supervisory, and other conditions.
  • Addressable Detectors: Choose from standard smoke detection or monitoring of dry contacts. These work seamlessly with the addressable control panels, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra time or money.,
  • Conventional Devices: Conventional devices are compatible with our Fire-Lite systems to help detect smoke and heat. Duct and sprinkler applications can also be included.
  • Notification Appliances: Choose from a variety of audible and visual notification appliances to stay safe.

If your signal isn’t strong enough, we can add a fire radio to restore your fire panel.

Get a free consultation and quote on the Fire-Lite alarm systems today by clicking here. With over 20 years of experience we are happy to help you find a system that will help you stay safe.