DragonFly DIY Security


If you’re looking for a more affordable security system option, DragonFly security is the solution. This DIY security system is our most affordable option that still gives users the protection that they deserve.

Why pay big bucks for someone else to monitor your security system? With DragonFly you decide if the police should be asked to come to the location or not. DragonFly security records the events that are important to you. Users can choose what events they would like to set up as triggers. When that activity is detected, a video will be captured and you can decided if it should be sent to a monitoring center for police dispatch. And if you are too busy to quickly respond, it’s not a problem. Choose up to five people to also receive video alerts and choose if the monitoring center should dispatch emergency services. Police will treat your event as a crime-in-progress and respond quickly.DragonFlySmart App: Control your system right from your smart phone. With our smart app, you’ll be able to view videos, arm and disarm your system, and receive video alerts in which you decide to dispatch or not.

Support: Many DIY security systems, like Simpli Safe, boast about unlimited protection and small fees. However, what they lack is the support you get when you buy from Security First Alarm in Rexburg.


Create Your System: DragonFly Hub Kits come with indoor and/or outdoor cameras. All Hub Kits come standard with an ethernet connection that works with your home router. You can upgrade your Hub to Wi-Fi or cellular for more flexibility and service backup in case there is an outage.

Set Up: Setting up the DragonFly system is super quick. MotionViewer cameras can be installed by following instructions through the app. Your Hub can be placed anywhere: home, office, or dorm room. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi and name it  and you are ready to enjoy the new security system.




Pricing and Plans: DragonFly comes with two different security plans, to best fit your needs.

  • The basic plan starts at just $10 a month and allows you to receive alerts when the MonitonViewer is triggered. Add followers to your account for additional security
  • Our premium plan starts at $30 a month and allows you to receive all the benefits of the the basic plan, but also included is automatic dispatch for alerts if no action is a taken.

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Want to get started using the DragaonFly security system? Click here to request a free quote. We are open 24 hours a day, so we will respond to your request quickly.

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