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Gain control over who enters your building with the Atrium Access Control system. Embedded with the latest technology, this system allows you to manage users, locks, and view events from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. We understand your time is important, and that’s why we’ve integrated a “card enrollment mode” which allows you to add or delete a user without a computer. On vacation or out of the office? Not a problem! Just login via your smart-phone, from anywhere in the world, to update your access list.

Special Features: 

  • 100 door capacity
  • Access for up to 10,000 users
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Email notifications about activities that are important to you
  • Customized burglar alarms
  • Control of your system anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Ability to easily pull reports to meet compliance requirements

Control Multiple Locations: If you’re a business owner with multiple locations and need to have control over employee access to buildings, the Atrium Access Control is the perfect solution for you. Manage up to 10,000 users and 100 doors. Use Atrium Access Control’s live video stream system, email notifications, and burglar alarms to make to keep your business working seamlessly.


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With the Atrium Access Control System you will receive:

  • Embedded web server
  • Universal power supply
  • Camera integration
  • Smart expander
  • Auto-detect modules
  • PoE+ option
  • Free software
  • Auto-resume fuseless technology
  • Intrusion integration




Entry Methods: We believe in providing our customers with a variety of different options, so that they can choose the option that most easily fits with their lifestyle. That’s why we provide a variety of different entry methods. Choose the option that is most convenient for your staff: proximity readers, proximity key fobs, peel and stick proximity tags, and card access systems. These entry methods, in most cases, can easily be integrated with current required materials, including badges and name tags.


Atrium Access Control


Atrium App: Manage your new Atrium Access Control system, no matter where you go. With our Atrium app, you’ll be able to login from your smartphone. Secure doors, manage employee access, and manage specific sites remotely.


Compliance: Have complete control over who enters and exits your building, don’t just sit ideally by. With the Atrium Access Control system, you’ll be able to easily meet city, state, and national compliance requirements, because reports can so easily be pulled and managed.

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